marzo 27, 2020

Oval top mount Flumood® sink complete with drain pipe fitting and open plug that can be lacquered externally. Dimensions cm 50 x 45 x 15


marzo 27, 2020

Guided by the desire to create coherent and balanced designs, the meticulous work of Mario Ferrarini has shaped a new chair with refined and synthetic proportions. The shape of its metal structure represents a clear tribute to the elegance of the compass and the perfection of the draftsman’s square...


marzo 27, 2020

In the new chair and armchair, LYZ, this relationship, where solid Ash wood or Canaletto walnut become the structure on which the coating develops, is visible from every angle. Exactly as from the stem, which defines its structure, the delicate petals of the flower rise up.


marzo 27, 2020

A die cast aluminium frame version of the acclaimed Velis become the jewel shown during the 2019 Milano Fair to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company

VELIS outdoor

marzo 27, 2020

VELIS tub chair , part of the company’s flagship collection, is realized in an outdoor version, demonstrating, once again, the versatility that distinguishes the company, who responds to every need. The experience gained by Potocco in the use of weaving gives rise to the new variant with back and...


marzo 27, 2020

Essential  lines, the design of the new KEEL chair and armchair by Mario Ferrarini and Victor Vasilev ,M+V.  rises from a careful research on the relationship between geometric rigor and organic sinuosity. This seat represents in fact the attempt to find the best balance between a linear iron structure...


marzo 27, 2020

“Mastello”  in Italian is an old wooden tub used in the past for bathing.  The name of the new product immediately recalls the ritual of bathing  in an era in which running water was truly a luxury. An object that became a “place ” because the Mastello (tub), placed...


marzo 27, 2020

Versatile, transversal, perfect to fit in different environments. The Velo washbasin collection, available in round, oval and rectangular shapes, is updated to meet a contemporary inclination. Considering the original concept, geometry and dimensions of the series, the edges are 5 mm giving greater. lightness to the whole and at...


marzo 27, 2020

An empathic and informal seat developed around an unusual basket with generous sections which underline and hold padded cushions, hinting at clear comfort as welcoming as a warm embrace. MUN echoes the perfect shape of a full moon, a continuous, circular, clear mark which can be personalised with the...


gennaio 14, 2019

A name that refers to the imaginary of a rolled paper or a chip. An Iconic simple desk made by plywood  that become an elegant actor in the living room, in an hotel bedroom, but also defining an original but functional reading room in a library or waiting rooms....