maggio 20, 2017

One washbasin with multiple configurations. Why think of multiple solutions when a single solution can meet all customer needs? The result is Trino, designed to be used in three variants: under-top, countertop and semi built-in. Ceramilux washbasin available in two versions: (cm) 63 x 42 and 45 cm diameter


maggio 20, 2017

The integrated sink is generally proven to be successful from a commercial standpoint. The challenge was to find a new functional solution linked to an idea non yet explored. Domino looks like an empty thick monolith ready to accommodate the sink, but not only. In fact, the useful supporting...


maggio 20, 2017

Flueless ethanol based fireplace for outdoor and indoor use. Freely positionable next to the sofa or by the dining table, or as a totem around which to sit, warm up and talk, or even on a terrace, a garden, on public places to delimit an entrance or to highlight...


maggio 20, 2017

Seemingly suspended, almost grazing the top it is based on. This semi built-in sleek washbasin is available in the following sizes (cm): 63 x 40 and 81 x 40


maggio 20, 2017

Skema was most likely created from a doubt, that of understanding which is the correct dimension to obtain not only a good design but also to achieve commercial success. This indefinable unknown became the leitmotif of the design: a modular fireplace, a system of combinable functional elements that can...


maggio 20, 2017

Canyon is the illustrative name of this original round top mount washbasin made of Ceramilux, deliberately designed in an irregular form, evidently inspired by nature in its uncontrollable yet elegantly harmonious development. With this image in mind, the washbasin seems as if it were carved and eroded by water...


maggio 20, 2017

Elegant washbasin collection available in four different sizes characterized by a heavy rounded thickness and strongly sloping sides. The circular version can, if chosen by the user, be positioned at 45° and thus changing the image of the washbasin. Two new versions have been added to the collection: a...


maggio 20, 2017

A minimalistic fireplace, with no frames or additional components, the only protagonist is the fire. The built-in fireplace Filoskema features contents dedicated to the respect for the environment. The fireplace can be installed with the “Convection” system, with heat pumps for carrying the heat to other rooms. The combustion...


maggio 21, 2017

The design stems from a simple sign, harmonious, free from edges, soft, cozy, and wellappointed. The name, Dune, is a reminder of this natural sign; the bathtub is a place to relax, an oasis of wellness to regenerate oneself. This is the formal message of the design. The bathtub...


maggio 20, 2017

Frame is a shower box where all the necessary elements for a wellness experience are framed as a work of art. The design could not have been created without a specific intention, that of bringing the users towards a deep mental and physical state of wellbeing. A general state...