Ombre collection was conceived with the aim of making a collection where formal and decorative elements are only the results of the research of an effect and not the prerogative of the project: light thus turns into the origin of the project while the shadows (ombre) projected on the same volumes explain visually, in an illusory game played by the different colour, how light acts on specific, different geometries.

All objects were thrown by hand and they are made of red refractory clay, which underlines their natural aspect. Shadows are painted by hand with a coloured engobe and then glazed with a transparent matt glaze.

Technical data, the collection is made of 2 candle-holders – sizes cm.15,6 H x 13 D. both (one has a thicker stick), 2 vases sizes cm.25 H x 18 D. both (as above), 2 bowls 1 bowl without foot cm.6,5 H x 29 D. – 1 footed bowl cm.12,5 H x 25 D.


    Bitossi Ceramiche