Frame in2 is an innovative form of wellness, not only because it is designed to house two people, but also because it provides all the performance necessary to rediscover the unique experience of a steam bath, housed in a comfortable setting with a contemporary design, along with the true benefits of real Jacuzzi® wellness.

Shiatsu hydromassage, cervical and lumbar hydromassage, vertical hydromassage, Turkish bath, energising cold shower, aromatherapy, and Chromotherapy: Frame in2 is a multi-sensory wellness space, ideal for private settings and for those that wish to enjoy professional wellness in the privacy of their own home, as well as for the contract sector, because a fully equipped Turkish bath can be installed in hotel suites.

The high performance of Frame in2 goes hand in hand with a clean, minimal design – essential shapes characterised by a distinctive external frame in aluminium and fine materials such as techstone for the shower tray, the 8 mm thick glass sides, and glass handle for maximum beauty and cleanliness.

With versions for installing in a corner, niche or against one wall, Frame in2 is an original, refined piece of furniture that can blend in with any setting and type of furnishing, creating a smooth continuity with the surrounding environment.