Perfect geometrical shake that meet, clean lines and thin edges that define a perfect perimeter.  Surfaces that overlap, compliment and pair up generating new shapes within its volume. Finally, a sign, a groove, a “scratch” that gives name to the collection. The Graffio sinks define a pure and contemporary  style. The very thin edge widens in the back for the tap and to the side as an elegant and functional surface available smooth and grooved to increase the grip and facilitate the support of objects or accessories.

Rectangular, square, symmetrical or asymmetrical, single or double with rounded edges or perfectly regular, all with a flush drain cover of the same material. The perfect balance amongst the shapes amplifies the composition possibilities of this collection. Perfect alone or with furniture. Integrates well with the Bespoke collection. The sheer volume of the basin communicates well with the elegant finishes and surfaces of the cabinets.