DS-615 is a line of tables and coffee tables in which De Sede experiments with new possible applications of leather manufacturing.
This collection demonstrates the craftsmanship that distinguishes and that has made the Swiss furniture company internationally known. The peculiarity of these tables is represented by the base, consisting of a metal structure covered by four leather strips sewn by hand with each other, creating a unique and inimitable visual effect. The top is made of quality materials as well, such as metal and marble, and gives an additional value to this sophisticated piece of furniture.

A closer look reveals four pieces of leather in the form of a taper joined with a hand-stitched strap seam. A concealed metal construction underneath serves as stable support.
Whether as an exclusive conference table or a tasteful table in a stylish dining room, DS-615 invites to discuss, laugh, converse, eat and meet.

Available in various sizes, the DS-615 table is composed of a metal base covered in leather with hand-stitched cross stitching and a round, square or oval top, in metal or marble, in the various finishes of the collection.



    De Sede