A wide and articulated program in its simplicity, a series of furniture with a clean and rigorous design that offers multiple possibilities of combinations thanks to the use of very few elements.‎ Atelier, the series of furniture with essential lines designed by Mario Ferrarini, and with a decorative element in the door that enhances the composition.‎
The door is composed of an aluminum profile with a wooden front which, depending on how it is positioned inside the profile, creates a groove or handle donating a graphic sign to the composition.‎
The handle can be placed horizontally, totally or partially, with respect to the rest of the furniture, but also placed along the vertical sides or even “frame” the four sides allowing you to customize a domestic micro-architecture and giving depth to the surface.‎
Available in all wood types and in the full range of antoniolupi lacquered colors, Atelier is a tailored collection, inspired by the company’s DNA, based on a combination of modules in various sizes.


    Antoniolupi (IT)